Purpose-Built Furniture and TV Cabinets are popular with today’s modern consumer

The early days of television watching saw an upsurge of television cabinetry: purpose-built furniture designed to house and hide away the bulky and unsightly television sets, hi-fi systems and radios of the time. With the advent of smaller and more streamlined, attractive television and radio sets the need for disguising furniture fell away, freeing up space for even larger sets, especially with regards to television screens. There is little more satisfying than a minimally furnished beach-side apartment in Perth or Sydney, Australia, with easy access to the ocean and a fantastic television to unwind with after the day is done!

Building a Home Theatre? Learn About These Projector Screen Basics

Want to lift your home’s value and entertainment level up a notch by having a theatre system? Finding a good projector is probably the first thing that crossed your mind. There are two important components that make up a projector system. There’s the optical projection device itself, (which you can expect to get loads of shopping tips about wherever you look) and then the screen!! This is the part most people rarely give a second thought to.